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Pride Chiropractic
Dr. Mark Alan Heltemes DC

6245 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618

(510) 610-0261
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Treatments by Chiropractors are already well known for improving joint and soft tissue health. Back Pain is the leading cause someone might visit a chiropractor and I have treated many of those successfully.
Common conditions I treat.

In my practice, I also focus on another important benefit of the chiropractic adjustment: modulation of the nervous system and Subluxation Interference.

As a Chiropractor for 30 years serving the Rockridge, North Oakland, Berkeley communities I take pride in helping my clients and their families enjoy pain free natural health.

Pride Chiropractic is the only clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area to provide a cutting-edge, holistic treatment called Functional Neurology, which relieves the symptoms of stress-related pain by locating the cause. Functional Neurology aims at making neurology applicable to real life.

Many health-conscious people have known for years that stress has a detrimental effect on health. Clinical research has shown that the response of the nervous system to stress has an overriding impact on wellbeing.

The (NIH) National Institutes of Health has reported that 90% of all disease is stress related.

To gauge the stress levels of my patients, I use an EEG (electroencephalograph) called the NeuroInfiniti.

Measuring seven different elements of the nervous system ranging from brain rhythms to heart rate variability, the NeuroInfiniti performs a quick, painless exam called a Stress Response Evaluation.

The information it produces tells me how efficiently your nervous system deals with stress, how quickly it recovers (or, indeed, if it does recover), and how well you are responding to the care I provide.

Many symptoms and diseases are an indication of a dysregulated nervous system. Functional neurology can re-regulate the system, restoring its natural ability to manage itself. Biochart

My treatment protocol is designed to support brain and nervous system function. It includes spinal adjustments, a pattern interrupt, to "reset" or "reboot" the system, health awareness counseling (discussion of lifestyle habits that can improve symptoms), nutritional education, physical reconditioning and biofeedback.

Functional neurology is delivering remarkable results around the world, and I am excited to make it available to you.

Please call me to schedule an appointment for your Stress Response Evaluation.

"I believe that caring for ourselves we respect our uniqueness and fully enjoy the life we share with the people we love. I offer hope. I will help you obtain and maintain a life free of pain and worry."